How Nigeria Members Get Quick Car with Helping Hands

All you need to get your first car is to get to the 3stage

Stage 1 - Associate

ASSOCIATE is a 2 x 2 matrix which serves as a feeder matrix, feeding stage 2 to stage 5 of this compensation plan. when the 2 x 2 get filled, You automatically promoted to stage 2 likewise everybody on the board, once their matrix is filled they get promoted to stage 2 which is a 2 x 5 matrix and they are paid as they progress. A referral bonus of $16 is paid for introducing 2 or $48 for introducing 6 new members, Plus matrix bonus of $10 paid when the 2 x 2 matrix get filled. So you earn either $26 or $58 as the case nay be.
Every member start their own matrix occupying the top position, even if they are part of their up line's matrix.
Stage 1 MATRIX BONUS == $10
Total bonus paid in stage 1= $26

Stage 2 - Masters Matrix.

This is the first 2 x 5 matrix and everybody here must have passed through the feeder matrix – the ASSOCIATE stage. And because it is a follow me matrix, anybody underneath you in your matrix can jump from under to cause a spill under to fill till the up-uplink matrix;
NOTE;Matching Bonus start from stage 2 with 10% paid to upline when direct referrals completes stage 2.
And 5% from stage 3-5. $150 to upline in stage3, $300 to upline in stage 4 and $600 in stage 5.
Stage 2 matrix bonus is $1000 cash, earnings paid from level 1-5 of matrix Stage –
Level 1 = Nil
Level 2---- $100,
Level 3 – 200$,
Level 4 = $300
Level 5 - $400 

Total MATRIX BONUS = $1000 

Additional incentives when the matrix is filled,
·         A LAPTOP.
·         A CUG PHONE - on process with a reliable Telecommunication company
·         10% Matching bonus to uplink
As you get promoted to stage3. Since matrix bonus paid out when stage2 filled up is $1000, Your uplink gets 10% ($100) simultamously.
Once you complete Stage2,you are qualified to "OWN A LANDED PROPERTY",and little money will gradually be withdrawn from your matrix to pay for your landed property__ if you apply.
Helpinghands(H2i) has acquired 10 hectares of land in Port-Harcourt,Rivers State.
Helpinghands has also acquired 10 hectares of land in Badagry area of Lagos,and 10 hectares at Redeemed
Camp Area.
Helpinghands(H2i) is also making arrangements now to acquire Lands @ different locations all over the
country and countries where they operate.

Stage 3 – Super Masters Matrix

This is the second 2 x 5 matrix, as you complete stage 2, stage 3 is formed with you on top starting the 2 x 5 matrix.
The matrix bonus paid out in this stage is $3000 breaking down into – 

$200 in level1
$300 in level2
$500 in level 3
$500 – level4
$1500 – level 5

A total of $3000 is paid out in this stage, and as this is happening your position is automatically changed to occupy the top position of stage4. You will be paid $3000 matrix bonus, while your uplink gets $150 - 5% matching bonus

Additional Incentives:
·         1st brand new car (Hyundai)-- $10,000
·         Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each) ---- $2,000.
·         5% Matching Bonus to uplink ---- $150
Reaching Stage3 level 3 now qualifies you to "Dubai Trip"; this is now constant__no longer a PROMO matter.
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