Secretes revealed from the last Seminar.... by Bayo

Carefully read through because

I will reveal How Smart Nigerians Get Cars/Houses/financial support, up to $44,00 for only =N6,600 (2) and how you can start selling your products and service online to meet your target market or specified Nigerians at affordable rates by creating website platforms, promotional ads, email marketing and also merge with third party companies  to generate sales. If you remember, I mention of some challenges which I promised to provide solutions to. (See Challenges in this link http://tinyurl.com/lalw7h2  or click here)
Note: If you feel you don't suffer any of those challenges, feel free to stop reading here because I won't advice you  to waste your time. Time is money and he who waste your time waste your life

Also Note: All you need to implement this informative strategy is an internet browsing phone/laptop and your commitment/determination to transform information to resources. Don't worry if you don't have a laptop. I'll guide you through on how to get one free

The lectures were divided into two sections: Section 1: Getting cars/housing funds/interest free loans for =N6,600 which is designed by Helping Hands and Section 2Online Brand Marketing presented by Princesage Online Branding

Hey!! here is the secrete

The secrete for Getting Laptops/cars/interest free loans etc is just partnering with helping hands international

Have you mapped out plans to discover you need help?. Perhaps, an added capital to support your business? or a car for mobility in this harsh economy?, or Peradventure you're finding it difficult to support extended families and friends who are in need. Helping hands International is a charity based organization presently in Nigeria set to help you achieve this dream. This organization is an international NGO set out to help the less privileged, but because it is impossible to get an accurate statistics of everyone in need/who are less privileged. They request your partnership to help identify those who are Less Privileged. However, Helping hands international is aware that one who is not empowered cannot empower others, this why they structured a platform that allows partners/members enjoy all benefits. Below are some of the benefits you get when you become a partner with just =N6,600:
  • Hyundai Cars
  • Housing Funds
  • Free Internet Browsing Laptops/Ipads, CUG Phones
  • Land
  • Interest Free loans of up $44,000
  • Trip to USA
  • Skills acquisition and many more
Are you still confused? Carefully pay attention to this videos if you have enough mega byte to watch but if not keep reading
To see evidence of cars given to partnershttps://youtu.be/3uIICh5Rivo or click here
What is this about and how do I get it?: https://youtu.be/j6e7MTT938U or click here 
Watch video and understand the Matrix Computation: https://youtu.be/Q2lo1mDGGv4 or click here 
Yes! I know you might see this as a network thing. Yes it is, but trust me, I hated network business more but this is awesome, sweet and a waow! package. It can been done from your home, office or events. No working under  the sun, No selling of products. Just getting two people is all you need. Invite them to enjoy all benefits and you get an immediate =N1,300 on each person apart from all other benefits. For every one person you bring, you get an immediate =N1,300 (life time short term investment)
Note: You are not selling anything for any company. Your =N6,600 is paid only onces in a life time (No Hidden charges) and your money will be recovered in the first stage where you refer just two people and they do the same to help finish your first stage

This is no scam: Feel free to google (about it, see testimonies and other info from their website; www.helpinghandsinternational.biz or report me to any law enforcement agency if I ever fraud you on this. My contact and picture is attached to this mail
Helping Hands International's major aim is to eradicate poverty and there have being doing this by providing the following services: HUMANITARIAN SERVICES, TRADE AND SKILL ACQUISITION SERVICES-In any field of your choice, ASSET AND PROPERTY SUPPORT-Cars & Housing Funds, SERVICES, FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SERVICES-Business loans & Scholarship 

For you to get all the benefits such as Internet browsing laptops, 2 Hyundai Cars, Housing Funds, Interest Free loans up to $44,000, 3Bedroom Flats in the area of your choice etc, you have to become a Help Partner to recommend and discover people that need help. There are 5 stages you are entitled to when you become a partner that makes you enjoy all the mention benefits and more -

See more

  1. To get your land, $1,200,  laptop/Ipad, all you will need to complete stage two are seen here (I'll advice you choose Laptop over Ipad-for those that will be learning online Branding
  2. To get your first car (2 cars will be given) and $5,500, Trip to Dubai, Trade acquisition skills etc all you will need to complete stage 3 are seen here
  3. To get Financial empowerment of up to $44,000:You will need to get to stage 4 and 5 as seen here
  4. Only those who sign up under my team will get maximum support service in getting their brand's online presence because there will be a leadership training organized by my team where I'll be teaching people on how to create simple websites, email marketing, Facebook ads and auto-pilot Free to help boost market strategy

  • $40 or =N=6,600 (No Hidden charges) Nigerian rate is fixed at 165naira-1dollar.
  • Sign UP with the link "wwww.helpinghandsinternational.biz/princesage or click Join Now to read and signup (Call Me: 08036411416 for help)
So is =N6,600 too much for you to get Trade Acquisition Skills, Interest Free Loans, Cars, Housing Funds etc. The Decision is yours: Do not be POOR (Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly) Be Fast before it slips away!

How to move your brand around the world (The Basic Knowledge) from Adebayo Omotosho

Before we commence training on what tools will be needing for online execution or how to use these tools. It is only wise you get to know the basic knowledge of online marketing. Click the next button to see more
Click next to go through slides

To explore more on getting information on how smart Nigerians get cars/houses/loans for just =N6,600 with Helping Hands International visit the informative site I created by clicking here or www.princesagesagehelpinghands.com.  Remember to sign up

To explore more on Online Brand Market tips and stay ahead of our tips through this medium register your email to this site www.pobranding.com or make sure you visit and like our Facebook page:
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